Vendors and Sponsors

Announcement: TV Coverage by TV ASIA, USA

Our thanks to the following Sponsors/Vendors to make our event successful

New York Life

RR Accounting img
Nandini Travels SFP WEB_ADD
SCAN_20130318_091107906 Anu Ad

What we are offering
1. No Competition – One vendor-ship for one product line
2. Option for Higher Visibility – Time slots for direct marketing to audience
3. Flexibility to market your product – We are willing to work with your marketing ideas
4. Online Advertising through our Websites
5. Banners/Posters/Flyers
6. Choose any or customize options of advertising

Target Sponsors
1. Apparel
2. Jewelries
3. Insurance
4. Travel Agents
5. Beauty Parlors
6. Doctors and Pharmacies
7. Lawyers
8. Banks
9. Event Coordinators in India

Note : You will require to provide the details/images/snippets/banner for the above opportunities as relevant.


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