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On stage, he is sometimes an aura and sometimes a streak of lightening energy. From evergreens to the remixes, from the old songs to the new ones – Saikat performs with an invigorating and dazzling energy. An adept singer, he learnt music in his childhood just by hearing Kishore da sing. Inspired, he sang his way forward, in front of the mirror with a comb in his hand, impersonating various actors. Later, he received formal voice training from Jain ul Abedin and Music Director Ashok Bhadra in India and, Abigail Zeiger and Chai-lun Yueh in US. The encouragement from his mentors, coupled with his own zeal for music, enthused him to pursue his passion professionally. With his dazzling performances, he has captivated the audience in several places in USA like New Jersey, Boston, New York, Connecticut, California and India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Goa, Chennai and Bihar. In course of his singing career, he was associated with Bengal’s eminent music director and his team and has performed across India with renowned actors. As a hobby he has acted in Bengali television dramas and tele-films, and has done modeling assignments as well.
Through this event, Saikat pays his tribute to his inspiration, the legendary Kishore Kumar, whose evergreen voice captured his heart and infused the lifelong passion of singing in him.
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miniRmela031 rani_dance_nabc (2) fusion1
Kalyanni is founded by Tilottama “Tinty” Bose to promote performing arts in the larger community and to support charitable causes. She is a trained Indian classical dancer and choreographer with professional stage experience in both classical and creative dance forms. She is dedicated to promoting various forms of performing arts, with a focus on Indian classical and creative dancing. Kalyanni provides opportunities for adults with a desire to dance to participate in challenging, yet fun, workshops. Visit for details.
A group of women who are professionals, mothers and wives.
And passionate dancers and singers giving expression to the creative fire within.
Dancing for a cause, Singing to spark your soul. Kalyannis unite to promote performing arts and to encourage you to embrace your talents. Find your niche in Kalyanni.

Diwakar Dance School

Choreography by Anil Diwakar.
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An experienced News Anchor, Producer, Script writer, Creative Director and Editor, with more than 12 years of industry association with leading Indian television channels. Most recently worked as the head of the department and editor of entertainment department in News Time, Kolkata, India
Rituparna is a familiar face amongst small screen viewers in West Bengal.
Her regular shows include topics raging from politics to entertainment, from economics to music – making her one of the most sought after hosts in Kolkata. Her passion and her work in the field of recitation earned her the reputation of being one of the most promising new age artists in the field of Bengali recitation, with numerous solo performances to her credit. She had been performing and hosting stage shows in various parts of the world – NABC 2010 in Atlantic City, Sharod Utsav in London, Corporate Show in Dubai, International Film Festival in Kolkata to name a few. Her first solo album “Sadharoni Namastute” received critical acclaims for her eloquence, freshness of presentation and rich content.

Since early childhood acted in many plays in India and US.
Performed in one of the lead roles in stage-productions of “Rudali” (2007-08) and “Chehre” at NJ Performance Arts Council stage (2009), both directed by the eminent director Ms. Usha Ganguli from India; performed in lead roles in Hayavadana (dir: Prof. Farley Richmond); other major plays include “Chand Boniker Pala”, “Jodi Ar Ekbaar”, “Jibiti O Mrito”, “Kak Charitra”, “Rajdarshan”, “Sorshe”, “Chatujje Barujje”, Nuraldeen’s Lifetime, etc.
Upon invitation from theater festivals, toured India and Nepal to perform Bhopal at prestigious stages that include Kolkata (Rabindra Sadan and others), Mumbai (NCPA festival), Kathmandu.
Being a singer, performed in theater roles involving live stage singing and radio. Other than acting also involved in stage craft, make-up and costume design.
Performed on Radio networks in the tri-state area.

Acted in a major role in a Bollywood film SAMA (to be released) in 2010.
Performed in Sundance Film Festival 2006, New York in a film script-reading of “Preeti Girl” (dir: Todd Holmes). Acted in a leading part in a TV commercial in New York (2008).
Played a background role in the NBC TV Series “Smash” (produced by Steven Spielberg) with notable actors Debra Messing and Angelica Huston (Feb 2012).

When not on stage, Arpana is more likely to be caught either painting or creating craft work!

Soumendu - Headshot
As a third-generation actor, Soumendu is involved with theater since age 3 (only remembers “bright light on my eyes” at the stage debut); since then acted in many Bengali/Hindi/English plays in India and later in US and Canada.
Most recently, acted in lead roles in “Bhopal”, Tagore’s “Sacrifice”, “The Little Clay Cart” (adaptation of Sanskrit play Mrichhakatikam), “Hayavadana”, “Pagla Ghora” and “Rudali”.
Upon invitation from theater festivals, toured India and Nepal to perform Bhopal, Sacrifice, Pagla Ghora at prestigious stages that include Kolkata (Rabindra Sadan and others), Santiniketan, New Delhi (Govt of India), Mumbai (NCPA festival), Kathmandu, etc. At US, performed regularly at New Jersey Performing Arts Center and a few times at the Fringe Theater Festival, New York.
Performed under the direction of notable directors (Amol Palekar, Prof Farley Richmond, Usha Ganguli, Rudraprasad Sengupta, Meghnad Bhattacharya, Sudipto Chatterjee, Sakti Sengupta, Subhasis Das) and with well-known theater groups (Nandikar, Sayak from India).
A few other notable plays include Jibito O Mrito, Chatujje-Barujje, Sorshe, Bipanna Bissoy, Nuraldeen’s Lifetime, Rajdarshan, Kak Charitra, Jodi Ar Ekbar, Pakhi, Chand Boniker Pala, Shabda-Moho-Bandhaney, etc.
Besides acting (by choice), he has also directed plays (by compulsion), written/adapted few theater scripts (by accident).
Performed on Radio networks in the tri-state area.
Training started under his father Sachipati Bhattacharya (India); theater workshop by Nandikar under Rudraprasad Sengupta (India); workshop by Subhasis Das (NJ).
Played a background role in the film “The Dictator” (dir: Larry Charles) with notable actors Sacha Baron Cohen and Ben Kingsley (releasing May 2012).
Played a background role in the NBC TV Series “Smash” (produced by Steven Spielberg) with notable actors Debra Messing and Angelica Huston (Feb 2012).

When not on stage, Soumendu is more likely to be caught either researching on cancer and diabetes cure or watching cricket!

Upcoming Singers

A Computer Science engineering graduate, Meena was born and raised in a family of classical singers.With training in South Indian music she got her bases strong for different styles of singing i.e. classical, semi-classical, light and contemporary songs in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam from a very early on in life.
She has got impeccable command over her voice and can sing all genre of songs like classical, melody, folk, western and pop. Meena was a winner of “Raagamalika”, a popular show in Chennai and have also won awards at several music competitions.

An Electronics & Communication Engineering Graduate, Lavanya is extremely passionate about Music & Dance. A light music vocalist in languages like Tamil,Telugu & Hindi. Is currently a part of “CT Rhythms” a music band based out of Connecticut, performing distinct fund raising events & concerts. Has bagged several awards in various film music competitions.

A student of Carnatic music, a great performer and singer, Indu is streak of energy on stage. A student of Vet Science, her passion for music has made her one of the most sort after singer of CT Rhythms, a music band based out of Connecticut.

Live Music Band

Dholak/Congo/Tabla/Sampler – Monty
Keyboard – Prakash
Guitar – Jahan
Bass Guitar – Dominique
Octapad – Rakesh

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