Past Events – Bong Konection 2013

Hosts Collage - Dance Collage - SS

Ashbori Ad
Saikat and Tilottama (Kalyanni) is humbled and blessed to announce the success of Bong Konection 2013. The night’s fabulous show and entertainment at Fire N’Ice Lounge, NJ,USA, was just the thing to buoy the audience spirits to celebrate Poila Baisakh and Baisakhi. So much to the hosts’ delight, the audience arrived excited to a sold out show. The room was packed, making it an exhilarating experience for both the Kalyanni performers and for Saikat. Bong Konection got rave reviews in one of the leading film, art and culture magazine in Kolkata “Ashabori” founded by none other than, the leading music director Shri Ashok Bhadra.
Rinku 1
With a full backing DJ, the evening highlighted Saikat’s rocking renditions and Kalyanni’s mesmerizing performance – from folk, to modern expression to presenting a strong social message through The Human Spirit, a piece conceived by Saikat and Tilottama, scripted and choreographed by Tilottama and presented beautifully by Saikat and Kalyanni.
Majhi re 3
Abhi and Ani
The evening was enhanced by a touching message from Aniket and Abhijit, congratulating Kalyanni and SingAlong Saikat for Bong Konection 2013 and also presenting thier new production, a song Hum Ek Hum highlighting the need for universal co-operation and peace.

Esha &Soph from Faces of South Asia

Bong Konection 2013 was covered by Esha and Soph- Faces of South Asia, Quincy TV, adding an exciting new element to the programe. They captured the essence of the evening, focussing on all aspects of it, including the audience, the vendors and the performers.

Folk Group

The ambience was electrifying, as the audience was fully engaged and participated in interactive sections, while enthralled by the evening’s presentation.
Fashion 2
They came with positive expectations and left with rave reviews, wanting more and expecting a larger Bong Konection next year and a larger event to come soon. Saikat and Tilottama look forward to bigger and better events in the upcoming days.

Collage - Crowd Banners Collage- Vendor

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